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 The camera fails...

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PostSubject: The camera fails...   Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:24 am

Hi Admin,
I'm new in this forum. I got a problem with with Flare, serious one. The camera doesn't connect or it fails most of the time. Error message: "cannot connect to the camera". I usually have to powercycle my Flare to reconnect to my camera. However, as days passes by,it fails more often. It doesn't even reconnect ( the camera ) after powercycling my Flare. After taking a few shots camera goes back dead again. I even stopped using camera apps because I still cannot enjoy them. The camera app, too, fails. My phone is not rooted yet. I have been to the service center already. Had my Flare reset, upgraded to Jellybean 4.1 and even undergone "camera alignment" all to no avail. The camera error still persists. It's really becoming annoying. I mean seriously it's never a good thing. Our phone is the easiest access to capture moments. And I believe, you guys can imagine how frustrating it is to know that your phone's camera fail you during those times you need it most. I love the quality of the pictures and the auto-focus just added xfactor to it. But would even love it if the camera works fine -- all the time. Please help me with my Flare. I love my baby. I'm still holding unto it.
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The camera fails...
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